Plastic Recycle

Virogreen extends first-rate solution when it comes to e-waste disposal in Bangalore. Our approach to recycle all ferrous, nonferrous materials, including plastic recycling and data destruction is unique among other such service providers. Since the commencement of our service, we have successfully able to maintain top position among our peers only through our immense dedication and impeccable services.

The usage of Plastic has tremendously risen in recent years. With its non-biodegradable feature, plastic is not only hard to dispose of safely, but also stays in the system forever. Therefore, recycling and extending the life cycle of plastic are the effective ways to decrease the plastic consumption thereby eliminating such wastes from the environment.

The way to efficiently recycle plastic wastes:

Plastic parts work as a sustainable source of raw material for many manufacturing industries. With the help of our skilled workers and state of the art technology, we segregate plastics and treat them further for redesigning purpose. The raw materials extracted can be used for remanufacturing or to gain some extra profits post reselling them to other companies.

With our most upgraded Pyrolysis method of computer waste disposal in Bangalore, we have revolutionised plastic wastes by turning them into furnace oil. The process involves removal of all the contaminated and non-plastic parts from the wastes and to melt them safely inside a pyrolysis chamber. The vapours collected afterwards are treated further and are collected in the form of oil.

Benefits of Plastic Recycling:-

1. An environmental cause:

Improper disposal of plastic such as burning or burying in ground leads to air pollution, land and water contamination. However, recycling contributes immensely to a properly balanced ecosystem.

2. Complying with Government rules:

According to the Bureau of Indian Standard Specification, it is mandatory to recycle used plastic for every manufacturing company. Virogreen, being registered under CPCB, handles all types of plastic recycling under a customary guideline thereby giving you the surety of safe handling.

3. Help in saving resources:

Recycling, redesigning and remanufacturing of plastic wastes will assist in saving a lot of monetary resources for a company. Apart from saving time, reusing parts of plastic as a raw material can save a lot in the cost of production.

Our Services:

Having started our first operation at Chennai in 2002, but soon we were able to grab a leading position in dealing with computer waste disposal in Bangalore. Our footprints are all over India and we run an “all under one roof” operation. Here, we process all our wastes under one wide area of 4 acres unlike others where inter depot transportation involves loss of time and risk of environmental exposure. This assists in saving a lot of time and resources, enabling us to deliver our uncompromised quality services before the target period. Our service is widely available country wide, and recently we have extended our services in the IT hub of India, Bangalore. With our best technology and skilled workers, we ensure the safest E-waste disposal in Bangalore as well as in the other parts of the nation.