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Electronic e waste and Recycling in Chennai

We are one of the leading professional electronic e waste and recycling in Chennai which is known for its innovative, environment-friendly and customer-centric disposal practices. As an industry pioneer and market leader, we provide an end-to-end seamlessly integrated solution to individuals, households, industries and businesses.

Virogreen is an ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified electronic e waste and recycling in Tamil Nadu, run by a professional team at the Board and Senior Management Levels, who carries enormous amount of expertise gained over a period of time serving our customers with utmost sincerity and dedication. We at Virogreen understand Indian customers and the amount and type of E waste generated in India and has developed In-house technologies that suit domestic conditions for recovery of precious and other valuable metals like copper, chromium etc from the complicated e-waste. We take great pride to have developed a unique business model that has evolved to meet changing customer needs and regulatory requirements of the India’s Electronic Waste management industry.

Our Services

Electronic e waste and recycling

Our end-to-end services starts from Removal of the asset from the client’s doorstep, Data Destruction, WEEE Recycling, Dismantling, E-waste Recycling, Precious Metal Recovery, Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) Implementation and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

WEEE Recycling: Our WEEE recyclingfacility comprises of complete end-to-end processing of e-waste with zero landfill processes.

Data Destruction: Data destruction services help clients mitigate the liabilities associated with data security and privacy.

EPR: This is calledEnvironment Protection Responsibility (EPR) and file compliance return on behalf of the client.

CSR: As an industry leader and pioneer, we are committed dispose our client’s e-waste in the most scientific, transparent and environment-friendly manner.

E- Waste Recycling Process involves:

  • Collection
  • Separation
  • Shredding
  • Recovery of metal through chemical process
  • Precious metal recovery through thermal process

Services Rendered:

  • Comprehensive Ewaste recycling services
  • Base metal recycling, recovery and refining processes
  • Extensive support in scrap handling, collection, transport, documentation and compliances
  • 100% recycling of E-Waste collected- Zero dumping to landfill
  • Global network and operations
  • Currently has E-Waste Management Facilities in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurugram, Pondicherry, Mumbai etc.
  • Online booking

How Are Recycled Materials Collected?

  • There are 4 ways of recycle- Drop-off recycling centers, curbside recycling, buy-back centers, and deposit/refund centers.

Importance of Ewaste Recycling Services

The importance of Electronic e waste and recycling in Chennai can be found if you make a closure look at electronic waste. Nearly 38 separate chemical elements have been incorporated in electronic waste. The plastics used in the manufacturing of electronic equipment contain flame retardants. This creates a huge problem because electronic waste is normally left outside and the flame retardants leach into the soil. So, there is a great reason to advocate electronics recycling or re-using electronic waste.