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We are the leading and efficient disposal of data erasure in Chennai, ensuring the complete erasing of data stored in your old drives with latest technology prior to disposing them through mechanical shredder. We assure 100% data destruction with no possible chance of further data extraction through any means by wrong hands.

Being the best-known disposal of data erasure in Chennai, Virogreen uses state-of-the-art technology in its most advanced form of lab and has the capability to handle bulk data erasure in a quicker turn-around time to support MNCs requirements. It uses hybrid mechanism to rewrite entire hard disk or SSD for the complete data destruction.

Disposal of data erasure in Chennai

Data erasing is vital for a number of reasons. Most companies store their confidential data in hard disks. Once these hard drives get unused and obsolete, they throw these hard drives or dump here and there which is never a good idea, because there is every chance of misuse of the sensitive data contained therein by the miscreants.

It is always a better option to dispose the data once for all if not required. Any failure in that regard may lead to serious breaches of data protection and privacy policies and several other compliance problems.

When it comes to Secure Data Erasing, we hold necessary expertise and trained manpower to perform comprehensive destruction of data. We destroy each and every storage media effectively and efficiently so that it won’t be possible to recover even a single bit of data from hard drives.

Determining and Performing Data Erasing

We employ data erasing methods such as overwriting, degaussing, shredding, and disintegrating. Each of these methods goes through several rounds of high-security check related to data erasing.

  • Shredding:  This is the easiest and fastest data erasing method because; shredding is a physical destruction method.
  • Degaussing:  The reduction of the magnetic flux of the drive by applying the reverse magnetic field is called degaussing. There’s total erasing of data by eliminating the unwanted magnetic field (information) stored on tape and disk media.
  • Data Wiping:  The file is overwritten with 0s and 1s several times, so that it can’t be recovered using data recovery software and also uses different wiping algorithms to overwrite the data.
  • Overwriting: As we’re one of the leading providers of data destruction in Dubai, we use software that overwrites the whole drive as recommended.

Data Security

Data security is a set of standards, technologies and procedures which protect data from intentional or accidental destruction, modification or disclosure. Data security involves choosing a certified compliance service provider like VIROGREEN has immense importance while destroying or recycling the data sensitive to yourself and businesses so that there will be no data breach whatsoever.  We have a team of data destruction professionals inspect and advise the safest method of destruction of your WEEE or e-Waste.