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Valuable E-Waste Management Services in India without

compromising on Quality

Data Security

Destruction of E-Waste with assured Data degaussing and destruction of any storage devices.

Door to Door recycling

Outdated E-Wastes will be picked up from your facility with the help of e-waste logistics services.

Effective Management of E-Waste

Valuable handling of E-Wastes for proper recycling solutions.

Prevents Air, Water & Soil contamination

Proper e-waste management ensures Air, Water & Soil contamination from dangerous Toxicmaterials.

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Its time to fight against electronic waste in India. 


Virogreen India is the foremost Global E-Waste Management Company; it provides integrated e-waste managing services tailored according to contemporary organizational needs.  Virogreen India handles every e-waste products in a safe, acquiescent and green manner. We vision to ensure maintaining proper e-waste management of your business surroundings to make it vibrant and productive.

Electrical Waste

We are the prominent solution provider of all Electrical Waste Recycling in India. Ewaste is the most dangerous one in. It Cassius pollution in soil. We provide ISO standard electrical waste recycling solution to you home or office.

Electronic Waste

Right from consumer goods till the controlling boards are called as Electronics waste. The electronic waste particularly consists of silicon materials and a few other chemical containing components. We provide secured electronic waste recycling services in India.

IT Asset Disposition

We dispose obsolete or unwanted electronics equipment in a safe and ecologically-responsible manner and help you minimizing the cost and maximizing recouping of losses.

Data Destruction

We make sure all your prior data are destroyed as well as erasedas per NIST 800 – 88 standards. We assure 100% expurgation of your valuable data from old E-Storage devices.

Corporate and Consumer E-Waste

We also convey corporate and consumer E-Waste Recycling allowing the companies to reuse the valuable metals. This also saves environment from negative and harmful impacts.

Integrated Logistics Solutions

We provide end-to-end E-Waste collection service. Our logistic career picks up e-wastes from your door and accumulates them in the nearby e-bins.

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