E waste recyclers in Tamil Nadu

Being one of the topmost E-waste recyclers in Chennai, our facility has the expertise to process the entire range of WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) starting from consumer and industrial to commercial and military.This integrated facility has the capability to recycle specialized waste material such as, light bulbs and FMCG products such as obsolete computers and computer parts, air conditioners, batteries, household appliances, mobile phones, and even military avionics.

Under Virogreen policy and the latest legislation passed by the honourable Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), also known as e-waste (management & handling) Rules, 2016, we are happy to be part of this e-waste recycling initiative and agree to abide by all the rules related to E waste recyclers in Tamil Naduin order to minimise the harmful impact of end-of-life electrical and electronics equipment.

E-waste recycling centre is the facility for the collection, storage and processing of e-waste recyclable materials to do operations such as crushing, breaking, sorting, packaging and other related operations.

As a top E waste recyclers in Chennai, we have our own modernized recycling centre, where the old and abandoned electrical and electronics equipments are recycled.

Virogreen, as one of the high-quality E-waste recyclers offers the most advanced form of recycling for all types of e-waste at its safest, modernized and well-equipped e-Waste recycling centres across India. We collect e-Waste from the entire Tamil Nadu and bring to its site for the recycling through the latest methods and equipment.

Registered at CPCB

We are among the leading E waste recyclers in Chennai, registered under Central pollution control board of India (CPCB) and Tamil Nadu pollution control board (TNPCB) and use state-of-the-art technology, eco-friendly methods and transparent dealings, adhering to all the compliances put forth by the regulatory authority.

Our Services

E-Waste can have immensenegative impact on the natural environment. Harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses are emitted when those materials are dumped in the landfill sites. Recycling reduces the pollution caused by the e-waste and can be the source of renewable source of energy.  E-waste recycling services chennai involve the IT Product recycling with secure data destruction.


Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policy binds the producers of the products of a country, designated under provincial regulations are given a significant responsibility, that may be financial or physical for the recycling and disposal of e-waste generated by them. As one of the dedicated E-waste recyclers in India, we make the complete takeover of operations as required under EPR protocol.